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NoteFly is a sticky-note application offering several additional features
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NoteFly is a sticky-note application offering several additional features. Using NoteFly is not difficult; you will probably get what it is all about with just one look. If you are familiar with this type of utility, there is no need to tell you that it will run from the System Tray. And you will be able to use not only mouse clicks to activate its functions but also hotkeys. If you want to use NoteFly as your default note-taking application, you can have it start automatically with logon.
There are probably two main advantages that characterize this application, and the first is connected with its high customization capabilities. The notes can be edited in a quite complete editor, offering different fonts, colors and sizes. In addition, you can use different skins to classify your notes, mainly by their color. In addition, you can download and install plugins. Among these, there is a skin editor to help create new skins or edit existing ones. The second advantage is derived from its multiple sharing capabilities. In this respect, you will be able to import or export notes to similar applications. What is more, you can also share your notes via e-mail.
However, NoteFly has its drawbacks. It is not capable of handling alarms or scheduled notes. In addition, the function called “Manage Notes” does not refresh the list when new notes are added, so you will need to close its window and open it again to view the updated list.

Pedro Castro
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  • Really lightweight
  • It is open source
  • It has many sharing capabilities
  • It allows to customize appearance
  • It supports plugins
  • It is easy to use


  • It does not support alarms or scheduled notes
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